Package net.sf.bus.spi

Interface Summary
Dispatcher A dispatcher is responsible for the distribution of a message to a list of subscribers.
DispatcherProvider Manages the instance creation of dispatchers.

Class Summary
AbstractDispatcher Base dispatcher with some helper methods for concrete implementations Created: Sun Jul 21 14:10:32 2002
AsyncDispatcher Delivers messages to all subscribers in an asynchronous manner.
AsyncDispatcherProvider Manages the instance creation of the AsyncDispatcher
ChannelConfig Represents the configuration for a channel, created either from the xml configuration file located from the classpath, or programmatically and added to the MessageBusConfig.
CompoundFilter A filter that evaluates the two given filters and returns true only if the two filters evaluate to true.
InstanceOfFilter A filter that determines if the object being evaluated is an instance of the class being filtered for.
MessageBusConfig Represents the configuration of the MessageBus controller, including any specific channel configurations that need to be explicity defined.
MessageBusImpl MessageBus implementation Created: Sun Jul 14 21:51:37 2002
SyncDispatcher Delivers messages to all subscribers in a synchronous manner.
SyncDispatcherProvider Manages the instance creation of the SyncDispatcher

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