The Bus
This site is dedicated to Jeff Schneider. May his original Bus live on forever.
The Bus is a lightweight library for broadcasting messages and events to other components in an asynchronous manner.

The goals of The Bus are:

  • Offer a limited API for ease of use
  • The library should not require existing classes to conform to a specific class heirarchy to use the library (It is acceptable to require interfaces to be implemented for subscribers to The Bus).
  • Enable messages and events to be extensible, thus allowing for application specific subclasses to be passed around
  • Depend on few third-party libraries to reduce overall dependencies
  • Follow standard architecture and design patterns for clarity and extensibility.

The Bus was inspired by the Lotus InfoBus library, while offering some slight twists and a slimmed down API and using an LGPL license.

Below are links to all the important resources needed for The Bus. You can also visit the Sourceforge project to browse older releases, view the CVS archive online, and report a bug or feature request.


The following releases are available for download:

The Bus - Basic Download
This distribution contains the binaries (no source), along with examples and documentation. Get this if you want a smaller download.
The Bus - Source
Source, examples, and documentation only. Get this if want to build it yourself.

The Bus - Complete
This distribution has it all - binaries, source, examples, and documentation. Get this if want it all.


Documentation for The Bus is available online in html format:

User's Guide (HTML)
The Bus v0.9 User's Guide
This documentation introduces the concepts of The Bus APIs, configuration files, examples, and a glossary.

Javadoc (HTML)
The Bus v0.9 Javadoc
The Javadoc for The Bus APIs, including the included service provider implementation.


Mailing Lists

The standard mailing list for users of The Bus APIs, implementation, and custom service provider implementors.

The developer's mailing list for the development team of The Bus APIs and implementation.

The mailing list for watching all CVS activity for this project.
For any matters that cannot be handled via the mailing lists, please send an e-mail to James Higginbotham (

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